Let Loose at Your Outdoor Boudoir Session


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to streak through an open field? Feel the wind on your skin and forget about the big bad world out there. It may sound a little terrifying to you at first, but what if it is possible for you to do it with the safety of not having anyone sneak up on you? At Black Lace Boudoir, our photographer is here to make your outdoor dreams come true. Grab life by the horns and become one with nature.

You may have several questions about outdoor boudoir photography sessions, and we are here to assist in answering those.

First time doing a revealing photo shoot in Washington, DC?

You may want your first time in front of the camera to be indoors. It is best to begin your boudoir journey in the safety of an indoor session. Photographers love having control over the lighting, privacy, mood and, perhaps most importantly, environment. It is important for your photographer to make you feel comfortable and give you their undivided attention. In order to do that, lingerie photographers are kind of control freaks. Once a photographer steps outside and adjusts to the new lighting and the anticipation of changing environments new sides of both of you may be brought out.

Have you already experienced an indoor boudoir shoot?

If you had a pleasant experience with your first time in front of the camera in a studio, you may be ready for something new. Perhaps you are looking to spice up your adventurous side and want to try for an outdoor boudoir shoot. Your boudoir photographer probably has a selection of site you can go to to ensure a secluded location. This way you are sure to have an enjoyable time at your outdoor shoot.

What mood do you want your sexy photos to portray?

Everyone is going to be searching for a different look and mood in their photos. Some of the boudoir models want to have pictures taken on a bed or looking out a window. If you and your significant other are more of the outdoorsy type then it may be entertaining for them to look at your pictures in a secluded outdoor setting. Just outside of Washington, DC there are some beautiful locations with amazing views and waterfalls. Although, some of them are super populated so you may want to make it an early morning or late evening boudoir shoot.

What are you wearing to your Washington, DC sensual photos?

Considering wearing 4″ stiletto shoes? If that is so, you probably want to go for an indoor shoot. Getting outdoor shots in stilettos may make you think more about your stability than focusing on your photos. However, those shoes would make you look smoking hot inside. Think about wearing natural colors . Going all natural is going to make you pop! Think about whether you are looking into a flower crown and bohemian look or a long flowing lace robe. Flowing fabric is going to look fantastic if there is a light breeze outside. Chiffon, silk and lace and three most flowing fabrics.

Shooting outdoors opens a whole new venue full of tons of options – and a whole lot of fun. For the photographer, it takes a little more time to prepare for an outdoor boudoir photos, but it can be done. For the model, you will feel more exposed that usual. It has been proven boudoir photography is great for empowering women. Imagine the power you will feel when you add being one with nature. Every client of BLB receives a complete consultation. On the day of your session we begin with hair and make up and then on to a guided session. Black Lace also presents you will your gallery of pictures on the same day as your shoot.

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