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Congratulations on making it through a very tough year! During 2020, it became obvious that we can all use a little help sometimes. Our industry was hit harder than most. For small property managers, every scrap of help was sorely needed. This made it all the more important to stay educated and up-to-date with the industry, in order to pivot and keep businesses afloat. The beautiful thing we saw was the amount of knowledge sharing that allowed the community to learn and adjust to new situations.

It also became apparent that operators would need to start planning for 2021, to ensure a successful rebound. Preparing today is always the best way to achieve your goals for tomorrow, especially since we know the appetite to travel is still there. Behaviours and preferences will change but it’s hard to keep travellers down for long, so it’s important to stay agile and adapt your strategies as needed.

At Little Hotelier, we’re always trying to be useful with the content we produce. It’s our mission to help you bring more guests to your property and make things easier. During 2020 we had a lot of popular content that we hope went some way to guiding you along the bumpy road.

Here are the top blogs and downloads of 2020 and why you should read them if you missed out the first time:

Top small accommodation articles of 2020

1. How to start a bed and breakfast: Complete guide for owner/operators

Top performer!

Obviously 2020 was not a year where you wanted to be kickstarting a new business or opening a property you had acquired. However, such was the scope of this blog that readers found a lot of useful information and advice on running a small property and developing business plans. These kinds of tips were vital during a period where everyone had to work harder than ever.

This article will take you through starting and running a B&B or small property, with plenty of information that will be relevant for you in 2021.

Click here to read the full article.

2. How to calculate your B&B’s average room rate and other revenue metrics [free calculators]

Gain an edge!

Calculating performance metrics and understanding how to use them has been vital in a year where every guest and every cent counts. Crunching the numbers allows you to focus much better on strategies that will drive the most success for your business.

This blog will cover three of the most important metrics for your property; average room rate, occupancy rate, and RevPAR.

Start learning now. Click to read the full article.

3. Hotel check in: Your complete guide to processes, strategies, and software

Essential knowledge!

As we know, check-in processes changed a lot within the past 12 months with social distancing and other health measures being enforced. Getting the check-in experience right is so important for the relationship you build with your guests and the satisfaction of their stay.

This blog will help you learn everything you need to know about the check-in process, including how you can perfect it and what technologies you can use to help.

Get things off on the right foot with guests by reading the full article here.

4. Using a channel manager at your B&B: Everything you need to know

Always relevant!

With bookings dropping dramatically across the board and international bookings ceasing completely, it became essential to reach as many guests as possible who travel domestically. A channel manager is a very important tool at the best of times, but now it has become a must-have.

This blog gives an in-depth insight into channel managers and what they can do for your property, helping to attract guests, grow revenue, and save hours of admin.

Read the full article here and start attracting more guests in 2021.

5. Complete guide to bed and breakfast website design at your property


The impact of a website should never be underestimated. Regardless of the channel where they make a booking, travellers are likely to take a look at your property’s website and if it doesn’t impress them, that could be the end of any relationship they have with you. In 2020 and beyond, every booking is vital so you need to be on top of website management.

This blog is a complete guide to best practice website design for small properties, including plenty of tips on how to make it simple and successful.

Stun your potential guests by reading the full article here.

Top hotel downloads of 2020

Given the circumstances of 2020, we turned our attention to producing some content that would help hoteliers navigate through lockdown, the restart of travel, and running their property in this “new normal”.

Here are two downloadable resources hoteliers around the world are already using to their advantage. Whether you are still faced with instances of coronavirus or are starting the road to recovery at your property, you can find help here:

The hotelier’s essential guide to recovery: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and domestic tourism

As the travel and hotel industries begin their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, each part of the globe will bounce back at different speeds and at different times. The common first step will be domestic tourism.

This guide will provide advice to help your property at each stage of the recovery process.

Click here to access the full guide.

Navigating COVID-19: 10 ways to make it seamless for your small property (INFOGRAPHIC)

The battle against Coronavirus and its effects will be ongoing, so we created an infographic with quick and easy tips so you can stay prepared and keep fighting through.

Click here to access the full infographic.

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