The Toy Chronicle | StrangeCat Toys Presents Misappropriated Icon Show 4


StrangeCat Toys presents the infamous “Misappropriated Icon” show 4.  The annual custom show makes a return more glorious bootlegs that keep having collectors debating about it! Featuring a range of bootleg KAWS Companion from artists around the world. This year the selected artists use the 16″ Kaws Companion platform. From the photos already shown the show keeps on taking it to the next level and the customs are getting dam right outrageously good! Don’t take our word for it check the teasers below.

All pieces are 1/1 All customs & were completed on reproduction Kaws pieces and are not original legit copies on Kaws. Artist include @inprimewetrust @tomodachiisland @philish_lunchbag @chrisrwk @jaredcircusbear @ngaew.ngaew @javierjimenezxl @playfulgorilla @riser13 @valleydweller @muffinmansculpts @zardapuya @nerviswr3k @robintangantics @theultrachung @2petalrose @mumbot @scribeswalk @zeroproductivity @eltoro215 @labreens @fer_mg_studio @chris_dokebi @mrkumkum

Prime – Velma Kaws $600 

ValleyDweller – Fetish $680 

2PetalRose – Maikaw $2500

MUMBOT – Synthesis $1800 

RISER – The Carbonite Companion $2800

Robin Tang – TBD

ChrisRWK – Give,Take $1000

MUFFINMAN – Catflix $1250

Philish Lunchbag – Lunchpanion $500 

Playful Gorilla – TBD 

Dokebi – Kawblin $700

FER MG – Swimming in Money $1600

The Chung – Keep Me Safe $1000

Tomodachi Island – Seedlings $1300


Jared Circusbear – The Child $2200

Javier Jimenez – Yokai War Companion $1200

Zard Apuya – Idatakimasu $850

Labreens – Bittersweet lollipop $900

Ngaew Ngaew – Happy Three Friends $2300

Kum Kum – Gone $1250

Scribe – TBD

ZROPRO – The Flying Rat Effect $1000

Nerviswr3k – Workhorse Mecha $1500

EL TORO – Kawsplay Toro $500

WHEN: Friday, March 5th at 7 PM EST – 10 PM EST (Line starts 9 am for people to reserve their spot in line early) Online sales start 10pm est 7pm for Shirts $25 and Posters $35

WHERE: Strange Cat Toys – Designer Toy Store

501 S Falkenburg Rd STE A2, Tampa, FL 33619-8029, United States
Use code TTC5 for 5% off everything except customs. (please note the code changes every month so feel free to keep checking for the latest code)

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