Why Hair and Makeup is Included in Your Boudoir Shoot


After booking your Washington, D.C. boudoir session, during the planning stages, many clients will ask if they really need to the professional hair and makeup services provided as part of our services. The answer is always the same: Heck yes. And here’s why:

What the Camera Sees and What We See Can be Different

When shooting in a studio setting, what the camera picks up, and what our eyes see can be different things; and sometimes no so flattering. In order to encapsulate your natural beauty, we need to balance skin color and style your hair in a way that give us consistency throughout your boudoir photo shoot. Regardless if we’re using studio lighting or natural light, in order to make sure that you skin reflects your natural colors, we need to apply some product to ensure we get the best possible results on camera.

professional hair and makeup boudoir session, washington dc

They’re Professionals for a Reason

Professional makeup artists are not your average “makeover” artists. They are called professionals for a reason! Our makeup artists have been trained by the best industry names in order to properly apply and enhance your features to give you the best, most “you” look possible. Our makeup artists are able to work with a wide range of skin types, colors, and textures, and they only use the best available skincare products.

boudoir photography in washington dc

Confidence Leads to Sexiness

There’s a pretty simple equation that we’ve bought into; if you look good, you’re gonna feel good. We want you to feel your best when your capture your sexy, sensual boudoir photos. We want to capture the full transformation from do-it-all-everyday woman into a glamour goddess who has finally decided to treat herself. Your Washington D.C. boudoir photography experience would be incomplete without the special professional hair and makeup styling included in your session with Black Lace Boudoir.

It Will Help You Relax

Odds are you’re going to have nerves as your boudoir day approaches. In fact, you may have even tried to talk yourself out of going through with your boudoir session. We provide professional hair and makeup services in your boudoir photo session because, to put it simply, it will be one less thing for you to worry about. When you arrive for your photo shoot, we want you to relax and let yourself be pampered. Grab a glass of bubbly, sit back, and let our professionals do the rest. You’re going to look amazing, we guarantee it!

Looking for a Boudoir Photography in Northern Virginia?

If you’re ready to learn more about what all is included in a boudoir photo session, or have questions about boudoir, or are ready to book your boudoir session, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’ll be in touch with 24-48 hours! We look forward to hearing from you!

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