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As COVID-19 continues to push the hospitality industry to innovate and advance technology at hotel properties, we have to ask ourselves if we’re setting our staff up for success as well as our guests. One great way to do that easily is through implementing technology at the property.

We’ve discussed hotel tech in the past, but deciding the best hotel technology to use at your property will help make future innovations seamless. We have a number of solutions that roll together on our TMG OneView® platform to help you seamlessly delegate and manage every element of your hotel’s digital marketing strategy.

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Growing global health concerns are limiting face-to-face interactions across all service industries, though the effect this has had on hospitality is especially noticeable. The guest experience revolved around service with a smile, but now, extra steps must be taken just to get guests to consider coming through your door. Luckily, adding to tools like your vanity website can boost traveler confidence and conversions.

How do you get your staff involved? Have them assist you in recording videos to post as virtual tours of your property. Post your video tours to social media, and encourage staff to share them on their own pages, especially on a platform like LinkedIn. Extra engagement from your team goes a long way in reassuring potential guests of your hotel’s safety.

If you need a vanity website to showcase your hotel, check out how TMG can help you and ultimately boost your conversion rate.

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During a guest’s stay is when you have the most opportunity to innovate with tech. Guests highly value any touchless experience you can offer them, which is where in-house text services can be especially helpful. If a guest needs housekeeping or additional towels, implementing a service where guests can message the front desk can remove multiple touchpoints throughout this process. Then, front desk attendants can send up the appropriate staff to assist the guest with their needs.

Additionally, setting your staff up with mobile devices to handle questions or comments on your social media profiles can be a great way to ensure no question goes unanswered online. This also enables your front desk staff to know everything there is to know about changes and policies at the property.

TMG OneView® has an alert system in place that will notify you of any @mentions or DMs that come through to your profiles – and you can train your staff on responding to these messages in a timely manner, allowing you more time to focus on management at the property level.

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By allowing your team access to TMG OneView®, they can participate in more post-stay activities related to your guests. Mitel cites social listening as a top trend to keep an eye on in 2021. This is an easy thing you can assign to staff members on the property – with your employee’s eyes on how guests feel about your hotel, they’ll be able to share input with you that will further drive improvements to your hotel experience.

TMG’s reputation program also encourages more feedback from your guests, driving happy guests to post reviews online and encouraging guests who experienced issues to fill out direct surveys to address what happened. Your ability to assign items to staff members can help bring visibility to situations they may know more about if they were on-site during the guest’s stay.

The same can be done as a part of TMG’s Respond & Resolve™ program – if you notice a review come into your feed that requires additional insight, you can assign it to a staff member and have them provide the necessary information to resolve the situation.

At Travel Media Group, we value giving you the ability to integrate technology seamlessly into your hotel experience. That’s why we continue to innovate our TMG OneView® platform, providing hoteliers with better integration to their reviews and social media all in one place. Read more about how we can help you set you and your staff up for success on our services page.

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