“The age of the new guys” interview with Thomas Finn



Thomas Finn, a specialist in Revenue Management and Commercial Analytics looks into the future of Revenue Management & Hotel Tech with Revinate’s Will Howes. Thomas is known for his work with some of the best-known hotels, hospitality groups, and hotel brands around the world. Aside from running Edwards & Finn, Thomas also regularly guest lectures at Universities in the UK, making him one of the key influencers on the next generation of Revenue Management. 

In what Thomas calls, ‘The age of the new guys’, we’ll hear how Revenue Management could become redundant, and how a new, rounder, broader Commercial Manager could take its place. 

We also look at how “new, agile, and innovative tech companies” are supporting the industry and replacing decades-old legacy platforms that have dragged their feet for too long. 

Lastly, we’ll dive into the ever-present challenges the hospitality industry faces in attracting new talent, and hear Thomas’s thoughts on how hotels, tour operators, and universities are all responsible for playing their part. 

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