Missing Paper Clip Turns Up Safe And Sound


An ordinary office paper clip that was lost during some routine paperwork recently, has turned up safe and sound, calming fears that something sinister might have happened to it.

It was discovered nestling underneath a computer keyboard earlier this afternoon.

The steel clip was one of thousands of other identical clips, which are used to fasten pieces of paper together in an orderly fashion.

It had been misplaced by a teacher who was marking examination papers, but when the time came to secure the sheets in one place, the paper clip could not be located, and a substitute had to be used instead.

Although the teacher was not overly-concerned about the missing office stationery item at the time, he could not completely forget it, and wondered for quite a while, just where it could have got to.

A quick scout around had failed to unearth it, and, until the man moved his computer keyboard about three o’clock this afternoon, the paper clip had remained hidden from sight.

On finding his old friend, the paper clip, the teacher was overjoyed, and said:

“I honestly thought it had been lost forever, but it just shows how having faith in something can produce an unexpected ending.”

But, in truth, he hadn’t had faith in it at all, and expected that it had probably been kicked under somewhere inaccessible, or stolen by a paper clip mogul or collector.

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