German cat gets soaked in hailstorm!


(NOT EDITED) March weather can sometimes be quite distressing for humans, and other animals. However, cats are especially sensitive to sudden outbursts of rain, snow, hail, and hate wet things descending rapidly from stormy heavens!

One farm cat called, Cleo, who is quite a diva among her fellow felines. and resides in quite a volatile weather region of Germany called, The Eifel, was on her way to a neighbour’s house where she knew a lunchtime snack was always available.

Cleo, a very silky, plump feline, who makes sure she is groomed correctly before visiting other people’s houses for a snack or two, left her domicile with the sun shining down. Two minutes later, the heavens above opened and unleashed a ferocious attack of hailstones. Stuck in the middle of a farm meadow with no cover, she darted for the next house in a vain attempt to avoid being bombarded!

Not as agile as her farm-cat colleagues because of her stumpy legs, she was caught in the storm that abated after 5 minutes. The owners of her own personal ‘snack-house’ were too busy sitting behind their comfortable wood burner to notice poor old Cleo shivering outside. However, after ten minutes the female house owner heard Cleo meowing outside, soaked to the bone resembling a wet poodle (?). She gave her a bowl of warm milk and a cat biscuit to cheer her up; miauw, miauw!

Cats being cats, and Cleo being Cleo, gobbled up her snack, and sodded off back home without a purr or thank you. The next day, she returned, luckily, missing yet another hailstorm, but stayed this time for a stroke and cuddle proving that when it pours cats and dogs, cats may not be as grateful as dogs, but will always come back for more!

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