Zooming in a Car With Dominic Fike (With Interjections From His Girlfriend, Diana Silvers)


How has sobriety influenced your music?

It’s been two and a half months. I can make full songs now, and I don’t hate them. I make music by myself, so I need to be sober to know how to plug this shit in here. I’m so proud of how far my music has come. I’m expanding my knowledge. Before, I thought, “I know all I need to know. I play the guitar, and I sing, and I write, and then these people do shit for me.”

How would you describe the music you’re working on now?

Not like What Could Possibly Go Wrong at all. I’ve been trying to do Beatles-type production, but Weezer/Chili Pepper/Jack Johnson vocals.

Diana Silvers: You take elements of different genres, and you mix and bend them to cater to what you like. It’s always been what you do.

How has Diana influenced your music?

Dominic: She’s a fucking musical encyclopedia. She knows so many songs. There will be some crazy song from the ’50s playing in a fucking restaurant in New York, and she’ll be like, “Oh, this guy from this era and this album.” She likes old music, movies, and clothing. It’s influenced my music for the better.

How did you two meet?

Diana: Dom sent me a demo on Instagram called “Peanut Butter Bagel.” I responded, “I’ve never had a peanut butter bagel, but the song is very good.” I had never really listened to his music, but my roommate knew he had an album coming out and told me he was probably promoting it. I messaged again, and I was like, “Was this just a promo?” And he was like, “No, I loved you in Space Force” and told me to come to a show. I immediately responded, “See you in three years.”

Dominic: Then she said, “let’s go on a walk tomorrow.” I was like… You’re fucking about that life. The rest is history. We’re in a full-blown relationship. On our first date, we talked about Paul McCartney, and I hadn’t talked about Paul in so long or The Beatles. It kind of manifested the Paul feature. I was trying to make stuff to impress her and work with people that she had heard of. All of a sudden, that shit happened.

How was working with Paul McCartney?

I worked for Paul, which is how everyone always feels about working with Paul. I did get to talk to him a couple of times though. My manager was like, “Yo, Paul McCartney just hit you up.” I went to the studio, and I invited my drummer, Ryan, and he put drums over my singing.

Did you have a similar experience with Bieber?

Bieber hit me up with a studio day scheduled for me. I went with Diana. Somebody was like, “Yo, by the way, Justin’s pulling up.” Justin played me the album and I’m still so honored to be a part of that shit.

Bieber is a real-ass athlete with music. I remember when I called him, it felt like I was calling LeBron James. He’s 100%. It’s his whole life. Personally, I’m trying to find a balance, but he helped me think about music more seriously and inspired me to put my mind into it more.

Courtesy of Daniel Prakopcyk

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