Bali – anything after that has gotta be good and Kuta delivers in Spades!

Kuta was originally discovered by tourists in the 70s because of its excellent surfing conditions, its amazing 12kms of powder soft sand and breath taking sunsets. Kuta Beach is the best known party spot in Bali and has been enshrined in the South East Asia party circuit as a must see destination for young party-goers.


If you are interested in busy streets and late and loud parties, then this is the place for you. Backpackers flock here by the thousands to take part in the lively bar/club scene and raves on the beach. Partying on a budget is no problem in this town and beach bars offer cheap drinks by the dozen. The bar Green Box offers a tray of 20 shots for dirt cheap and the Bounty Ship offers cocktails in jam jars. Kuta appears on Business Insider’s “The 10 Best Party Beaches around the World” list, the Toronto Sun’s “Top Party Beaches around the World” list and named Kuta the best party spot in Indonesia.

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