Cliff Diving Rules In Ibiza

Ibiza Cliff Diving takes you on an adventure to the rocks, shows you how to overcome your fears by jumping of a cliff into the sea. We have the right equipment and an instructor who is very experienced and qualified.

It’s a perfect day out for families, teenagers and groups of friends who want to do something different and fun in Ibiza.

Would you dare to jump of a cliff into the sea from 5 or 10 meters high? Or even higher?
There are no words to express the feeling you get when you succeed.
Overcome the giddiness or vertigo, find the courage and trust to jump. Don’t be afraid of the flight, enter the water properly and you will be so proud of yourself!
Ibiza Cliff Diving offers jumping activities in summer as well as in winter.
During the summer season (may until October) we organize fixed tours 2 times a week, covering all the areas of Ibiza.
Big groups, families or private clients can also book their own excursion, customize to their wishes. We have jumped with families, businesses, kids, stag and hen parties and so on. Every one can do it!

The program includes:
* a guided tour to the spots, with an instructor first explaining basic security and technical information;
* basic equipment for getting to the spot or out of the water on the the more difficult locations;
* picnic (on request)

Most of the locations on the tours are of easy access and so is the return from the water. We’re offering different heights, depending on the level of the group. And in addition, we offer a picnic with local food or a customized picnic, to have a complete Ibiza experience, far away from the crowded areas.

‘The way you feel afterwards is impossible to describe with words. Full of life, energy, thrust, strength an desire to do it again!’.
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