Mykonos – Super Paradise, with a nick-name like that…

With a name like Super Paradise, how can you go wrong? Mykonos Island does not disappoint and tends to be at the top of many party lists because of its reputation for exposed flesh, sexy revellers and legendary party shenanigans.


Clothing is often optional on the liberal sandy beaches and in the blissfully blue waters of Mykonos. Paradise Beach is known to be the Grecian capital of fabulous and luxury. What was once a gay beach has expanded to become one of the most well-known party beaches in the area. Fashionistas, and celebrities flock to Paradise to party all day, all night and then all day again. Parties tend to pop up around mid-afternoon and go until the next morning. It is not uncommon to wake up and find people still reveling from the night before. Beach Tomato voted Super Paradise as one of the “Best Beaches for Partying” and AskMenincluded it on its “Top 10 Party Beaches” list. Mykonos is known to be one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan and expensive islands.

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