10 Most Pricey Mansions Owned By Athletes

10 Most Pricey Mansions Owned By Athletes
10.Lebron James

Lebron’s Miami estate also experienced a price cut leaving it on market for $15 million dollars.

With an oceanfront view of Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, this mansion features an infinity pool, home theatre, and rooftop deck.

9. Michael Jordan
Basketball Player

Michael Jordans estate took a big price cut from $29 million dollars to a lower $16 million, after not being able to sell at auction twice.

The odd estate features a pool with grass island in the middle, Playboy Mansion genuine door, and a table design inspired by the streets of Baghdad.

8. Randy Johnson
Baseball Player

This Mediterranean style home has been listed for $25 million dollars.

A sprawling 25,000 square feet in Arizona offers 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a separate guesthouse, custom built gym, and even its own wood-burning pizza oven and movie theatre.

7. Anna Kournikova
Tennis Player

Another Miami Beach mansion, Anna’s estate features a large 20,000 square foot estate originally purchased for $26 million dollars.

Originally bought with her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias, this home has its own tennis court and boat deck. With a pool overlooking the water, she’s in good company being next door neighbors with other high list celebrities.

6.Joe Montana
Football Player

A sprawling Napa Valley home listed for $35 million dollars.

Featuring its own equestrian stables, full fledged olive farm, swimming pool, basketball court, and topped off with a skeet shooting station. The estate overlooks California’s beautiful wine country.

5.Alex Rodriguez
Baseball Player

Originally purchased in 2010 for $24 million, Alex’s home has currently been valued at $38 million.

Oceanfront, home theatre, gourmet kitchen, gym, all on a 20,000 square foot property. Being a Miami Beach home, Alex even outfitted the windows to be impact resistant to hold up against hurricane season.

4.Tom Brady
Football Player

Before selling his home to Dr. Dre, Tom Brady’s Los Angeles mansion was originally purchased for $11 million dollars, and ended up being sold to Dr. Dre for $40 million dollars.

Over 18,000 square feet including its own gym, sauna, pool, and seven fireplaces. Tom intends to move into his currently under construction 14,000 square foot home in Boston.

3.Greg Norman

The retired pro golfer Greg Norman’s Jupiter Island home in Florida has been listed in 2016 for a cool $55 million dollars.

The estate is on 8 acres and features 172 feet of oceanfront, and includes six buildings with garage space for 17 cars.

2.David Beckham.
Soccer Player

David purchased the Kensington mansion for a reported $42 million dollars, and invited several millions more into renovations. Its estimated value is currently $57 million dollars.

Over 9,000 square feet with seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a built in panic room just incase any stalkers find their way inside.

1.Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods originally purchased the home for $54 million, and it is now valued at $65-70 million.

There’s plenty to do on this Jupiter Island neighborhood estate with its own 3.5 acre golf course, full size tennis court, and many swimming pools.

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