The Girl On Justin Bieber’s Yacht Reveals How It Was Onboard

The Girl On Justin Bieber’s Yacht Reveals How It Was Onboard


What’s the one thing you don’t do after signing a non-disclosure agreement?

Yep, that’s right, you don’t talk about it. Ever! To the press in particular.

Thankfully, Nyssa Large has decided to ignore all of that and tell us what life is like on Justin Bieber’s yacht.

You may be aware she was one of seven selected to climb aboard while he was docked in Melbourne.

Anyway, she’s blabbed to the Herald Sun about what went on.


Only thing is… nothing went on.

But don’t stop reading there, she does spill some beans.

So, what was HE like? Surely the question we all want to know the answer to…

“He was very polite, he was very respectful,” she said.

“There was about seven of us and we just all sat around and had some drinks… had a good conversation.

“We talked about his concert, and what each of us do.”

Sounds like Mr Bieber, famed for his pop-career but also his recent outbursts towards fans, has grown up a little.

Well, ish. Here he is only a few days ago telling a fan “you make me sick.”

Credit: Herald Sun

He’s “matured so much since his last tour,” Nyssa explained.

“You can have a great conversation with him.”

I’ve got a very strong feeling that Nyssa won’t be invited to a second boat party

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