Sammy Marie Aka TheBoostedChick Killing the Game Despite Haters

Sammy Marie Aka TheBoostedChick Killing the Game Despite Haters


Automotive modeling is a hard scene for women to be a part of these days.  In a world of keyboard warriors, it seems that the more success a female automotive model gains the more haters seem to appear.  The saddest part is that over and over we see women trying to tear these women who are succeeding down.  Making a name for yourself in the automotive world is hard enough without having other people try to bring you down.  ShockerRacing began featuring models from all over the United States years ago, and we have dealt with this constant battle. Some of our favorite car models, like Tyler Paige, become victims of this internet bullying.  Sammy Marie, aka ThatBoostedChick, has had her fair share of haters.  When dealing with internet haters it’s important to see how these women handle the negativity.  Sammy has taken the punches and still manages to continue killing the game and coming out on top! Many people know her green Subaru WRX (#ThisIsAGreenCar), but she has recently swapped it for a red 2014 Scion FR-S Monogram Series.

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Sammy Marie aka ThatBoostedChick with her Scion FR-S

Our friend Zuumy is a New York based photographer that has worked with Sammy multiple times recently and we reached out to him to get to know Sammy a little better.  “She’s the realest bitch I know,” was Zuumy’s response!  He went on to say, “She never beats around the bush, she says it how it is.  She’s blunt and she is funny as hell.  I love her personality because it sets her apart from everyone else.”

Sammy got her feet wet in the car scene back in high school when she would go with her boyfriend to car shows.  “I was just driving a Subaru Impreza at the time, but being around cars pushed me to save up for a WRX,” Sammy tells us.  She finally got her hands on a WRX when she turned 19, and she tells us it was the best decision ever.  She went on to say, “The boyfriend at the time didn’t work out, but the automotive world did!  I am glad he got me involved!”


The 24 year got her start in automotive modeling about 5 years ago when she was working as a promotional model for a handful of different companies.  While she was promoting, a couple people asked her to model with their cars.  Sammy had no idea what she was getting into, she was in love with the automotive world but didn’t have any plans to become a car model.  “I am glad I tried it out.  It is a huge part of my life now, and I don’t regret anything,” Sammy explained, “I love modeling and I love cars.  I get to meet a ton of new people through this industry, and I have some of my best friends because of the automotive scene.”

Sammy Marie aka ThatBoostedChick with her Scion FR-S

For this shoot, Sammy met up with Christopher Higgins in her Scion FR-S and brought along her ShockerRacing Bootyshorts and T-Shirt.  She has just begun the mod process for her Scion but she plans to Supercharge the FR-S in the next year.  Check out her current mod list below:

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Sammy Marie aka ThatBoostedChick with her Scion FR-SSammy Marie aka ThatBoostedChick with her Scion FR-SSammy Marie aka ThatBoostedChick with her Scion FR-S

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