Streets Of Monaco- Inside The Billion Dollar Yacht 


Here’s one we know will cost a billion. The difference between this yacht and number three on this list is $650 million – it’s nearly triple the cost! So what does your billion buy you? Well nothing yet, this one’s still in construction. The design of this fantastic yacht is unlike the traditional model we’ve come to know and love. There’s all manner of things you absolutely need on the high seas – like a go-kart track, your own private beach and man-made lake, and a ship deck designed to replicate a city-scape. Included are reproductions of casinos and a replication a Monaco Grand Prix track. Scattered over its 550 foot length are tennis courts, swimming pools, cafés, and supposedly grand underwater ocean views. We can’t wait to check it out when it’s done and sold off to some rather eccentric billionaire.

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