Stunning Underwater Restaurant Is The Largest In The World 


Good news in the world of undersea restaurants.

We found the largest one. And of course it’s in the Maldives.

It’s at Hurawalhi Island Resort, one of those idyllic Maldives locales with a bunch of beachside villas overlooking crystal-clear blue water. Except this one has, you know, the world’s largest undersea restaurant. Also, it’s open now.

To maintain suspense, we’ll start with how you get there and work our way to the restaurant. Strap in.

Right, so you’ll have to take a seaplane there, which might be frustrating if it didn’t mean a bird’s-eye view of the most photo-worthy archipelago on the planet. (See what we mean.)

Once you land, you’ll check into your villa. Maybe one with a private infinity pool. Maybe one with a private beach. Maybe one where you can jump into the Indian Ocean from your sundeck. Maybe it’s all the same to you because you’ve got other things on your mind.

Like snorkeling with turtles. Or scuba diving through coral reefs. Or getting a Balinese massage. Or sidling up to the Champagne Pavilion to sip some bubbly while the sun sets. In any case, you’ll eventually get hungry, at which point you’ll finally…

Grab your seat at the world’s largest all-glass undersea restaurant, which sits an impressive 19 feet below sea level. So you’ll get to enjoy dishes like diver scallops with peach-almond vinaigrette or yellowfin tuna with cucumber-wasabi-sesame ponzu all while fish and sharks swim around you.

Which is like an opposite aquarium.

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