This 5 star hotel Traube Tonbach is situated in the romantic Black forest.
The 5 star hotel Traube Tonbach is one of Europe’s most exquisite resorts in Germany.
With its luxurious rooms and suites, superb friendly service for its guests.
Families, kids, singles, twosomes, golfer and bon viands can enjoy the 5 star hotel in Germany.


The 5 Star Hotel Traube Tonbach offers a Great experience, with a variety of sport activities and leisure time facilities as well as hiking trails. 4 different restaurants invite you to enjoy the specialties of Traube Tonbach. Another highlight of the 5 Star hotel is its SPA.
Elegant materials, magnificent mosaics, and generous dimensions all contribute to the soothing atmosphere of the Traube Tonbach SPA.
With its different pools, saunas and relaxing opportunities The 5 Star Hotel in Germany offers a enjoyable possibility to calm down.


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