Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides In Monstrous Kreisel’s Electric G-Class SUV  

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rides In Monstrous Kreisel’s Electric G-Class SUV

The days of electric cars being reserved for the bookish, the conscientious and barefoot wandering vegans are over. Tesla set the bar high with its electric-powered super cars, and now Austrian car customizer Kreisel has unveiled a chargeable Mercedes G-Class SUV.

The project comes off the back of the company’s high-profile design partner and stakeholder: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former Californian governor drove the original diesel G-Class on the streets of LA, but his climate concerns led him and Kreisel to create a completely green version of his beloved car.

“To me, with the electric version of this fantastic car, a dream has become true,” Schwarzenegger said in a press release revealing the vehicle. “The initial test drive was a real pleasure: The Kreisel is incredibly sporty and perfectly benefits from the advantages e-mobility has to offer. I really look forward to the following test runs and to the gradual further development in California.”

The batteries take the place of the engine under the hood, and offer a range of 186 miles and a 0-62 time of less than six seconds while still maintaining all of the car’s off-road capabilities.

The company is reportedly in talks to produce the car on a commercial scale but, sadly, for the time being at least, this is a one-off prototype and not for sale. Check it out above.

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