Aston Martin Has a New Boat—The AM37 Speedboat

The Aston Martin AM37 design reflects input from one of the world’s top car manufacturers in conjunction with Quintessence Yachts resulting in a speedboat that not only screams beauty and elegance but high performance and durability. Everything about the boat says luxury. The cockpit has hand-stitched saddle leather, stainless steel detailing and woven carbon fiber.

There is also a sleek glass bridge helm. With the high-quality detailing and array of luxury items on board, it is no surprise the boat asks for a high price. The AM37 speedboat is not for everyone, but that is exactly the point.

Designers lined the interior of the AM37 with posh sportscar features. You can’t help but notice the Aston Martin DNA in the speedboat. The interior is also very well-spaced and equipped featuring a comfortable sofa that easily converts into a double bed. Other facilities include a bathroom with shower, designer table as well as a small gallery with a Nespresso coffee machine, and a refrigerator.

The speed and comfort of the Aston Martin AM37 are complemented by the large array of inboard tech and accessories. You can remotely start the fridge, coffeemaker and the air conditioning system at home. There is also an integrated control monitor, navigation control and entertainment system and integrated voice control. All the features are accessible through the 15 Inch HD touchscreen on the dashboard.

The AM37 project that started back in 2014 with the first boat selling in 2016. There are two versions of the AM37—the base model which can either come with twin 370hp diesel engines or two 430hp petrol engines. There is also the AM37S which features twin 520hp petrol engines and a top speed of 50 knots.

A deep V hull with multiple steps helps reduce the surface contact with the water resulting in less resistance with the water.

The rear of the AM37 features a sliding deck that makes it easy to board the boat. Right under the sliding deck is a carbon fiber Bimini that is simple and quick to activate providing sufficient shade to everyone on board.

The AM37 speedboat offers a huge variety of customization options allowing you to choose from a wide range of stitches, color, and leather.

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