It’s hard to delineate between the brand “Cigarette” and the legend of the cigarette boat as a generic term. Extremely fast planing boats have been used for three quarters of a century in the waters off the American coast to smuggle high value contraband. Originally, they were called “rum runners” during the prohibition, then the term cigarette boat came into vogue when cigarettes were being smuggled from Canada to avoid duties. The term stuck, although for the last half century the most highly valued contraband carried by such boats was cocaine.


Cigarette Racing was founded in 1969 by designer, builder and racer, Don Aronow, the notorious “Godfather of Powerboat Racing” who won numerous World Championship titles, claiming the “cigarette” name in the process. A colourful identity of world renown, Aronow raised the profile of the company through racing and his association with celebrities, presidents and kings who were both customers and friends. In 2002, the company was bought by Skip Braver, who focused on building Cigarettes with top-quality, safety and style. His efforts and a renewed international dealer network have restored Cigarette to its original status as the brand leader in luxury and performance.