There are two types of exotic-car guys: (1.) the vast majority who drop over $150K on the most expensive ride they can afford and drive it (on the rare occasions that they do) at slow speeds, in densely populated areas, looking to draw the most possible attention from envious onlookers, inferior males, or attractive females; and (2.) the rare few who drop over $150K on one of the most high-performance offerings that fits their budget, while allowing them enough leftover to drive it how it was meant to be driven – at its limit. For Type 1, there’s L.A.’s Hollywood Boulevard, Miami’s South Beach, and the like. For Type 2, there’s Shift Sector’s newly created (as of this first-ever event) Exotic Airstrip Attack.


Based on the successes of their Airstrip Attack events for cars driven by us mere mortals (Supras, GT-Rs, Civics, EVOs, BMWs, and much more), the inaugural Exotic Airstrip Attack invited owners/drivers to compete for top speed at the end of as many 1/2-mile blasts as they could or cared to fit in the day, in either solo runs or side-by-side, with one defining caveat: competition cars had to have been from a model line that included at least one trim valued at over $150K new. A quick look over the entry list showed many Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, McLarens, Bugattis, but a few BMWs, Mercedes Benzes, GT-Rs and certain Porsches with much lower new MSRPs were able to enter on the grounds that they were part of a model line that at one time or another, in some part of the world, offered at least one trim valued at more than the $150K minimum.

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