1. Average Guys are Viewed as Better for Relationships

When it comes to relationships, many beautiful women feel more comfortable being with a regular guy whose looks and income are average.

One reason for this is that a lot of attractive women perceive men of average looks or income to be more supportive partners – which a lot of times they are.


What’s interesting is that you could be a totally irresponsible jerk, but just because you are not rich or and you are not a “pretty-boy,” she might assume these things about you:

  • You’ll try harder in the relationship
  • You’ll be a more supportive partner to her on all levels
  • You’ll value her more

These factors can help you a lot – especially if the woman has had negative experiences with guys who had looks or money.

It’s kind of like that guy who dates women simply because they’re beautiful – even though he has nothing in common with them.

Then, he ends up falling in love with a Plain Jane because she has more than just good looks to offer and she’s totally different from all the others.

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