Internet communities are such a great resource for meeting and connecting with other people who have similar interests as you!

Whether you’re a book worm, an artist, or a stay at home Mom, there’s an Internet community out there for you!

I’m here to help you find your perfect online community by giving you 7 amazing Internet communities to be a part of!




This is one of the Internet communities on this list that I am personally very active on!

I’m sure you all know of YouTube, but you may not all know about the YouTube community.

Whether you make videos yourself or just watch other people, there are so many ways to connect with others on the website!

You’ll discover people who can answer your beauty questions, give you advice, and even make you laugh.

Keep in mind that commenting on channels with a smaller subscriber number will give you better odds that the user will respond.

Otherwise it’s always fun to just connect with other users who are watching larger channels!


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