So, you have the house to yourself and you’re looking for fun activities for when you’re home alone?

This must mean you’ve mentally gone through the list of obvious activities and still managed to came out uninspired.

Well, no worries because I’m here to help give you some fun activities you may not have even thought of!

So continue on to find 7 fun activities for when you’re home alone and you’ll realize you don’t always need the company of others to have fun!





You would think this wouldn’t be on a list of fun activities for when you’re home alone as it tends to be an event planned with your girlfriends, but why can’t you plan a girly night alone?

Put on your most comfortable outfit and get some wine, crackers, cheese, some sweets, and your favorite girly movie.

Plan a bubble bath for afterwards or paint your nails during the movie!

This is an especially great idea if you live with your guy and don’t get as much girly time at home while he’s around!


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