It started as a four-month trip to get out of the rainy Portland winter. Just a camper van jaunt down the coast from Portland to San Diego, my wife and I declared. We had no idea we’d end up traveling for two and a half years.

During this adventure-filled time, we mountain biked all over the western U.S., parked the van and bicycle toured an unsupported 7,000 miles through 14 countries, lived in New York City for a month, volunteered at a farm animal sanctuary, and studied Spanish in Mexico. All those things followed a simple decision to leave on a journey and break out of the usual.

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Beyond that, 30 months away created the mental space for other major life adjustments. We morphed my business to allow unlimited travel as digital nomads, shifted to a plant-based diet, met countless amazing people, and completely changed our perspective on life.

Immerse yourself in things you enjoy as much as possible, and deliberately cut out the rest.
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