Is there anything that we as a society feel more justified in hating on than selfies? I mean, sure, someone can like how they look, that’s great and all. but taking the time to position yourself in front of a well-lit window and take 15 to 35 photos of your own face? Not so cool.


Whether or not you’ve ever taken one yourself, something about selfies seems to invite shaming. Selfie-shaming, as ridiculous as it sounds, is a thing. Think about it: How often have you had a not-so-positive thought about someone after noticing how often they post selfies? They must be self-obsessed, have alot of free time, or be desperate for attention, right? And they really, never ever look like that IRL. I get it. I’ve thought those ugly thoughts. I’ve posted a lot of selfies myself. And I’ve heard people’s opinions on my selfies. So as a general #SelfieQueen and person who’s tired of seeing humans be mean to each other for reasons as silly as this, let me tell you 11 things that people who take selfies are really tired of hearing.

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