In this day and age, it isn’t often that actors can just be talented at the craft of inhabiting a character. They have to be entertainers, who have the ability to captivate audiences on film and on the red carpet. It has also become a matter of fact that if two performers both have similar levels of acting skill, the one who is the most attractive of the two will likely be more successful. For this list, we’ll be looking at actresses who have the best busts in the industry, as best we can tell.

Shannon Elizabeth

An actress who was just famous enough to make our list, Shannon plateaued early and never reached the tip top of the acting world, otherwise, her placement on this list would have been much better.


Appearing in movies likeThirteen Ghosts, Scary Movie, as well as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, she had a pretty decent little run. Best known for playing Nadia, the foreign exchange student in American Pie, her on screen time is minuscule but her contribution to the film went a long way to making it the success it became. Changing clothes in the main character’s bedroom, she bared her incredible bust to the joy of everyone involved.

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