It’s been a trusty standby for decades, but recently, lube is experiencing something of a resurgence in popular culture—with an organic makeover, to boot. Gwyneth Paltrow has been advocating the benefits of organic lube in Goop and on Chelsea Handler’s new show, and Netflix’s hit series Grace and Frankieputs a lubricant business front and center.


As a longtime lubricant advocate and woman who has been fighting for better, safer, greener sex products my entire life, I couldn’t be more excited.

Let me begin by saying lube is awesome. If you think lube isn’t for young people, or if it’s only for anal sex, or that your partner won’t think you are into him/her if you want to use it, I’m here to shatter your assumptions. Lube is something that can increase pleasure, minimize condom breakage, and even reduce the risk of STIs. And that’s only the beginning.

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