10 Reasons to Date a Black Woman

1) She won’t let anyone disrespect her, her children, or even you for that matter. Folk like to talk about a Black Woman’s “rage.” I’d like to say, we’re extremely protective of the ones we love, including ourselves. This trait may have been  inherited from the slaves that had to watch their loved ones be sold and taken away. Who knows? But I DO know, if you need someone to get a brick and vaseline on your behalf, a Black woman is down for the cause. We love hard. We love gangsta.



2) Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby! While other races are tanning themselves into Carrot Top, injecting curves, buying “Booty Pop” butt pads, adding collagen to make thin lips fuller, we’ve had these traits naturally for centuries. Imagine, the same body parts we were ridiculed for and told were ugly are considered “desirable” and “beautiful.” My hips are hip now! We’re the original and the original is wayyyy softer than the artificial. (Anyone who’s fallen asleep on or clutching a Black woman’s booty will confirm.) We may not get our hair wet, but we look damn good in a bathing suit.

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