How to Decide Who to Invite to a Party

Find out how many people you can invite. This is an important factor to consider when choosing the potential guests. Always consider the activities and theme of the party, when picking a specific group size. Remember: a long party works better with fewer people. That way, you can avoid drama at the party (people get rambunctious after a while). Also consider the size of your party space, and how many people you’ll actually need to get the party running efficiently. A bowling party, for example, calls for many guests. However, a simple sleepover may only call for a few friends. If you’re a child, speak with your parents about this, and work out an agreement.

Decide if it will be girl/boy oriented. Many people of the female gender tend to have parties along with other girls, completely eliminating boys altogether (boys do this too; eliminating girls from their parties). There are positive and negative sides to this. However, before you can choose your guests, you’ll need to decide whether or not you’ll be inviting people of the opposite gender. For example, in a sleepover, you’ll usually only invite girls or only invite boys depending on your gender. But in a dancing party, both could be invited. It’s all up to you!


This Party never got this memo

Immediately eliminate anyone who will cause drama or trouble to occur at the party and anyone who will destroy the mood of the party by constantly being ill or something. The whole point of a party is to have fun. However, the party is no longer fun when people insult others, start fights, gossip, or cause people to get angry with each other. This will be very hard to handle, and may completely ruin the aspect of the party. Try not to invite anyone you know might do any of those things. If they are extremely close to you (your best friend) and you really want to invite them, firmly discuss it with them before the party. Let them know that any trouble won’t be tolerated. If they end up doing it, privately ask them to leave.

Only invite people you know. Say you invite your best friend to the party…but she wants to bring a friend of HERS that you don’t even know. Make sure she passes this through you first and you are confident that this is a good person. It’s important that your party is filled with people you know or who can relate to you and your friends quickly. It’s a guarantee that someone who you haven’t checked about won’t relate to people and will be bored and ostracised, making the party less fun for you AND them. They could also embarrass you as the host. You’ll wish you’d never allowed them to come if they are a party pooper.

Avoid conflict pairs. What is a conflict pair? A conflict pair is two people who never stop fighting. No matter how much you beg or plead, they will never agree on anything and start problems whenever they’re together. If you happen to invite a conflict pair to your party, you’ll never hear the end of it! It’ll be a disaster. However, if both of these people are really close friends and you’d like both of them to come, make sure they’re distanced.