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This article by health and fitness expert Dawna Stone’s will help you kick your metabolism into high gear. For more info, check out her video course: A 14-Day Clean-Eating Program: How to Kick-Start Weight Loss in Two Weeks.

We often assume we’re born with a set metabolism and there is nothing we can do about it. Fortunately, that’s not true!

Here are eight simple steps I follow to make sure I’m kicking my metabolism into high gear:

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1. Eat breakfast.

Although there are still questions about whether or not eating breakfast has a direct effect on your metabolism, many studies, including one in the Journal of American Dietetic Association, show that women who eat breakfast tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day, allowing them to better maintain or lose weight.

In fact, the National Weight Control Registry reports that eating breakfast is one of the most important aspects of long-term weight management for its study participants.

Jump-start your morning with a healthy breakfast and get the energy boost you need to start the day out right.

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