Things You Learn by Following Eva Mendes Around

  • She pays attention to money in the manner of someone who didn’t grow up with a lot of it (but has a lot of it now). When the Obscura salesperson tells her that she thinks the papier-mâche skull she wants to buy is $300, Mendes immediately checks the price tag and points out he’s actually $225. “He’s 75 bucks cheaper. And that’s a lot.” (The skull went on to make its paparazzi debut the next day, and apparently got a sex change; Mendes named him/her Daphne.)
  • She recognizes a turn-of-the-century corset on sight. “My mom has one similar that’s not too much bigger, and she said she had a nineteen-inch waist. My mom always brags about what her waist was before I ruined it. She says it with love, of course.”


  • One of the early ideas for our interview locale had been the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run, but she left her dogs in L.A. “It’s kind of like going in an elementary school when your kid is not in it,” she says. “There’s something creepy about going to a dog park if your dog’s not one of the dogs running around in there.” When I tell her that the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run actually put up “This Is Not a Petting Zoo” signs admonishing people for going in without dogs, she practically applauds. “Really? Oh my God! See, I’m not the only one that thinks it’s creepy!”

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