Many fitness models are not simply around to show their beautiful bodies. They have taken the industry by storm with amazing things. They globally inspire other women in what they do. They rouse the interest of many and bring out the advantages of getting fit and maintaining that for a healthier life. And because of these accomplishments, it is worthy to list who these top 10 most successful and accomplished fitness models are. Being accomplished also means these women earn a lot in the fitness industry.

Jelena Abbou


 Serbian figure competitor and trainer Jelena Abbou. She joined many competitions where she won the 2003 INBF Natural Monster Mash, 2004 WNBF World Pro Natural Figure in New York, 2004 Natural Atlantic Coast INBF Pro Figure, Ms. Photogenic and first runner-up for the 2004 Northeast Classic Pro Figure, and 2005 Ms.

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