8 Things You Didn’t Know About Hilary Duff

2015 may be the year of Hilary Duff. The 27-year-old actress rose to fame in 2001 when she starred as the title character of the Disney Channel original series Lizzie McGuire. The series would last for three years and pave the way for Duff to star in motion pictures and start a music career. Unlike most child stars who spiral into a world of drugs and alcohol, Duff remained focused on her career, which would also include a fashion line. Duff has taken some time off from acting to get married and have a child, but now she is back with a new television series called Younger that debuts tonight at 10 PM on TV Land. The series also stars Sutton Foster (Bunheads)and Debi Mazer (Entourage). She is also expected to release another record later this year. Here are eight fun facts about Hilary Duff.



Hilary Duff is no stranger to the world of video and computer games. The actress was featured in the video game that was created for her Lizzie McGuire character and was released on the Gameboy system. The player is able to take part in several different arcade style games. Duff, along with her chihuahua Lola, are featured inThe Sims 2: Pets that was released in 2006. Duff lives with one of the main characters in the game and was a downloadable character if you had purchased the game for the Wii console.

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