“I like going out, but I hate clubbing. I don’t drink alcohol, so it’s hard for me to go to clubs in New York. That’s impossible. But I love going out in Ibiza—I’ll go to DC10, they play this deep house music. With electro music, you get the energy, even if you’re not drinking. I’ll go to events, too… I went to the Met Ball a few weeks ago, which has changed so much. You have to be more of a personality [to get invited]. The girls at the Met are the Kendalls, the Gigis. You have to be in the crew. Before, an agent would book you for an event. Now you book yourself.


To get ready for an event like the Met Ball is so nerve-wracking, so I try to work out the morning before, or I’ll go to the spa to relax. I love the Wall Street Bath and Spa—it’s actually Russian. My favorite thing to do is get facial acupuncture. They put 100 needles in your face and it’s like a facelift. I have all these frown lines on my forehead, so this is good for that. I tried Botox, but it was a disaster. [Laughs] It made me look like Cruella. So severe. I can’t mess with that.

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