5 Tips For Becoming A Model While You Are In College

One of the best aspects that college offers to students is the possibility of combining studies with other activities. Among other options, getting a part time job is one of the best possibilities.

However, most of those jobs are not really well paying in comparison with the huge amount of work that you have to do. Here you will find a really easy way to begin your career as model without much effort and without losing the focus on your studies.

Maria Alejandra Rodriguez, 22, a journalism student from Loyola University of Chicago is the living proof.

She said, “I began my career as model in 2010 as a hobby, and in two years I made over $12000”


First step

Alejandra says, “The most basic requirement to become a model is first of all find a manager or an agency. Those are the ones who get you the jobs. A good example is mayhemmodels.com. Most of their models are college students.”

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