These Office Habits Are Making You Unhealthy …

You wouldn’t think that going to work would be a cause for worrying about your health.

There are many things you do as second nature while you’re at work that could be compromising your health in several ways.

Once you know what they are, you can make tweaks to your workday routine that can help keep you healthy.

Here are some easy things you can that will make your time at work productive and prevent you from having to take sick days too often.

Here’s to the healthiest life yet.



It’s probably a habit to cross your legs when you sit at your office desk, especially if you’re wearing a skirt.

However, that habit can cause joint issues because sitting with one leg over the other puts excess pressure on your hips.

Experts recommend sitting with your feet flat on the floor, which transfers the pressure to your butt and legs, both of which are areas that are designed to handle it.


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