Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Olivia Wilde

Tron: Legacy star and perhaps one of Hollywood’s classiest young actresses, Olivia Wilde has made quite an astounding career so far. Only last month she celebrated her 32nd birthday and she has already played well over forty roles in television and film, has won four awards and been nominated for over a dozen others. But despite having shared the screen with so many renowned actors like Russel Crowe in The Next Three Days, Hugh Jackman in Butter, or Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens, she is still way more than just that.


Wilde is also a very active member of society, seeking to contribute in making this world a better place. A few years ago she created the philanthropic company Conscious Commerce with the intent of promoting conscious living through various brands, lifestyles and causes. How’s that for a concept? In this list we’ve compiled some of the most unexpected facts about Olivia’s life, personality and her background. You’ll find out that she is actually highborn and has been among celebrities since she was only a little girl. Among other things, you’ll find out just how the stereotypical images of a wife and girlfriend apply to her and how she can combine that with being rated as hottest woman of the year.

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