“Janet Jackson has aged very gracefully. Her nose has been shaped but her overall appearance is quite natural. When looking at the photos of her at age 14 in comparison to age 44 we see how there is dramatic similarity, which is often the of any cosmetic procedure. Looking at the softness of her laugh lines, one can think that this incredible genetics or fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. The latter is more likely in someone her age. My advice is get on a medical skin-care routine and keep looking natural. No major surgery or procedures! She looks great.”


“Janet Jackson has obviously had breast and nasal surgery, likely multiple of both. I would not recommend any further plastic surgery at this time. Skin care and non-invasive [laser-like] tightening treatments such as Pelleve, Thermage, Profecta, or Ulthera could be offered for maintenance. As she ages and loses volume in her face, I would offer Sculptra (filler) to keep her face youthful. At this point, Janet would be given a printed sheet of music lyrics that I give to patients who don’t need anything — Bruno Mars, “(You Are Beautiful) Just the Way You Are.”

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