Surfer girls are all the rage right now. From Alana Blanchard to Anastasia Ashley, they’re ripping, stripping and getting more social love than anyone else in the surfing world. And it’s about time.

With ever more women entering our oceans, the chances of having a surfer babe for a girlfriend are on the increase. But why would you want a surfer girl as your better half?


Some might consider surfing a sacred place, somewhere to escape from your day-to-day life. That’s a fair call if surfing is your only respite and the idea of your missus paddling after you sends shivers up your spine. Many surfer girls would probably prefer not to date a surfer guy… the way they get all anxious when she talks to some dude in the line-up. The way they think they have the right to drop in on her waves.

But if you and a special surfing lady share a spark, then there are a lot of benefits in having a girlfriend who surfs. Here are 9.

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