Falling in love can be crazy and even weird sometimes, since it makes us feel and do things that we usually wouldn’t do under any other circumstances.

A lot of studies have actually shown that an in-love brain looks quite different from one experiencing lust and it’s also unlike the brain of someone in a long-term committed relationship.

Falling in love can also be a very confusing moment because you can’t really realize when you start falling in love with someone, and that’s why you might ask yourself where you draw the line between a crush and a deep, imprinted love.

The feeling of falling in love can be so intense sometimes that you might feel overwhelmed and even scared by it.

Here are a few obvious signs that you are falling in love that you should consider:




When you fall in love, your hormones do go wild, making your heart beat faster, your cheeks flush, your palms sweat and your head start spinning.

This happens due to a rush of chemicals that flood your brain and your body when you fall in love.

It leaves you with feelings of euphoria similar to that endorphin-induced “runner’s high” that you get when you exercise.


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