Do you ever find yourself lying in bed next to your man, watching while he sleeps and asking yourself, “Why am I in a relationship with this jerk?” If you ask yourself this even once, it’s an indication that you’re in a toxic relationship. If I were you, I’d run!

1. You shut the world out when you’re with him.

There’s nothing wrong with savoring each moment with your partner. There’s nothing more fascinating than the feeling of being with someone who gives all his attention and time to you. But it’s a different story when you can no longer respond to calls/SMS from other people just because he always suspects that you’re up to something that would jeopardize your relationship.21.134400

I needed to mute my phone all the time and block guy friends because I didn’t want him to suspect me of cheating on him. I quit spending time with friends during the relationship because even when he was at work and I was off, I couldn’t spend my day freely. I spent most of my time at home so as not to give him the impression that I was playing around.

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