“I got scouted when I was 14—a long time ago. At the beginning there were a lot of things that happened that I didn’t expect. Like, me walking for Prada. It was such a big moment, and at the time I didn’t really know what was going on, but afterwards it was such a big thing and it was in the newspapers, like ‘First Black Model!’ Then the Italian Vogue all-black issue—that was crazy to be a part of! The things that I put out into the universe, that I said I wanted were a Vogue cover, and I wanted to be in Victoria’s Secret, and I wanted a Maybelline contract. I never said ‘a beauty contract,’ I always said ‘Maybelline.’ When I got my first British Vogue cover and when I first started working with Maybelline, I was overwhelmed and crying with happiness and joy. It’s crazy because you start seeing it everywhere. I’ll go to Boots and there’s me, Super Drug, there’s me, airport, there’s me. It’s like, ‘Ah!’ Whenever I’m out with my son and people come up to me and ask me if I’m Jourdan Dunn, I’ll be like, ‘No.’ But he’s like, ‘Yes you are, mum!’ One time he said it in front of someone! When I won Model of the Year, he was like, ‘See, mummy, you are a model, see?’ He kind of takes the mick out of me. He doesn’t understand why I deny it sometimes.



I’m really excited for 2016 because I’m going to be launching my kid’s clothing line, and that’s been another surreal moment. This has been in talks for two years and now having meetings and seeing samples and picking models is crazy! I had a meeting today for my cookbook! I’m so excited for that. I would love for someone to be like, ‘Yeah, that’s my go-to!’ Of course, if I could chill in my pajamas and loungewear all day, I would. My son and I are very low-key and relaxed.

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