Cuban women are dark-skinned beauties and mulattoes. Females, who can be called relatively white, occupy only 20% of the whole population. African blood gave these wonderful ladies the unusual appearance:

  1. Big brown eyes;
  2. Dazzling big smiles;
  3. Full lips;
  4. Beautiful hair with small curls;
  5. High growth with sexy shapes;
  6. Long and slender legs.


Daisy Fuentes

In a word, it is an island of wonderful models, whose place is on the world catwalks. Among the well-known representatives of Cuban unique beauty can be called many famous models and TV presenters.

Cuba is widely known as the Island of Freedom. Here in the valley landscape, picturesque mountains and high hills charming small towns are scattered, where live incendiary Cuban women.

The real beauty of these girls is in their simplicity. They are not trying to prove someone their attractiveness, they are beautiful just for the simple reason they are Cuban.

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