1. Get enough sleep.

Stop going to bed at 3AM.

2. Rise with the sun.

I’m a full-time mother and I love to get up before my daughter wakes so that I can chill in the lounge while I eat toast, drink coffee, and browse the Internet. Usually it is pretty dark when I get up (around 5AM). During these early mornings, I would sit outside, have my coffee, and watch the sun rise. This ritual of mine makes me feel at peace and gives me the perfect opportunity to reflect and feel like this dawning sun gives me the freedom to make awesome choices and do awesome things. So make that delicious breakfast of yours, pour yourself a beverage (coffee, veggie/fruit juice, tea, water, etc.), face eastward, and watch the birth of the new day! I promise you it will make you feel alive.


3. Be grateful.

As you wake, let your mind wander through the things you are grateful for in your life. Visualize the day ahead and imagine it will go smoothly. Be grateful for this wonderful day you are bringing to yourself. When you feel gratitude, when you feel the love, you begin to feel that motivation come to life. You are alive today and you are going to make the most out of today, and that starts the moment you wake up. Now go make yourself a hearty breakfast (and be grateful for that, too)!

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