1. No Verbal Processing Needed – A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Pinterest has fully embraced the idea that a picture says a thousand words. It has an aesthetically pleasing, striking, intuitive interface that draws people in. By focusing on a streamlined set of images, Pinterest offers a space for people to enjoy images without necessarily having to process things in words.


It is a space to just “be”; to see, sense, enjoy, and to slow down and feel whatever is evoked by images. Slowing down and simply experiencing may come as a very welcome relief in a fast-paced world of verbal analysis and communication. We can allow ourselves to be transported by excitement, nostalgia, curiosity, wonder, and anything else we might feel when we’re viewing the pictures. The power of images becomes clear when using Pinterest. Pinterest does make space available for comments so people can interact with the images in the way that they choose, but they are presented unobtrusively as a side rather than as the main feature


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