Generation whY!? Why Do Girls Dress Promiscuously On Halloween

This week, let’s take a ride back in time to the the past…all the way back to 2009. As I was hanging at a Halloween party, rocking a Larry David costume (and it was awesome), a group of girls walked into the room I was in. Clearly a bit buzzed and overly-friendly, one of the girls, wearing what looked like a pair of booty shorts, a bra and cat ears, approached me and said: “Guess what I am.” My impulses got the best of me when I responded: “I don’t know…a slut?”


She actually giggled at my quick-witted response. “No silly, I’m a kitty.” She then proceeded to giggle again, take more shots, and most likely sleep with one of the guys at the party. Classic college Halloween party. What I really wanted to respond to her was, “just because I can see your pussy, doesn’t make you a cat.” I was at least able to hold that back (though I probably whispered it to some friends before pounding more brews and continuing to pretend I was Larry David). This is what Halloween has become.

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