Gifting Trends That Have Been Dominating the World


Discover some of the most common gifting trends that have been going on since they were discovered.

No Celebration is Complete without Gifts

A celebration or an occasion is the one reason everyone looks forward to as it provides a means of escape from the daily trauma of life. This is the time when you get together with your loved ones and create new memories, breaking the boredom of life.

Your life is filled with sweet and sour moments, laughter, dressing up for the event and new experiences to reminisce about while you eagerly wait for the next occasion to arrive. No matter what the nature of the occasion is, it is incomplete without a gift.

Gifting has now become a tradition that has been practised for a long time. Usually, people get used to bringing some token to occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduation and so on. Now any kind of celebration is a good enough reason to bring presents along. It is a kind gesture not to go empty-handed to a friend or family’s home.

Most Popular Gifting Trends that will Never be Old Fashioned

It is always difficult to decide what gift to buy as there are too many options to choose from. Yet as the world is changing and moving into technology, you can easily find guides like threadcruve that will walk you through the different categories of gifts to buy for your loved ones.

Since ancient times, gift-giving has been infused with culture. Whether it is hand-made or valued-gifts, they always bring joy to the people receiving them. Even a small birthday card has the power to brighten someone’s day.

No matter how fast the earth evolves, some gifting trends began in the stone-age that has been kept alive even to the present day.

The Number One Trend Would be Flowers

Flowers are nature’s most beautiful gift to us and giving someone flowers is a true symbol of how much you love and care for them. Come on, who does not love flowers (apart from the people who are allergic to them).

So sometimes when you are confused, just going for the simplest and most striking will do the trick. You even have the option to customize your very own bouquet. There is nothing more romantic than red roses. White roses are considered the most dignified symbol of friendship, you can also choose from lavenders and daisies.

Gifting flowers

A Simple Handmade Card

No matter how expensive a gift you buy, a handmade card will always be of more value than a store-bought one. You have to apply your imagination to make a card, and you can get creative and have fun with it.

Even today, a sweet little handmade card can melt one’s heart more than receiving something bought with money.

A Packet of Sweets

While visiting someone’s home, it is always a nice gesture to take a token to offer them. In countries such as America, UK, Canada, and so on, people tend to take champagne or wine. However, in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (mostly Asian) a packet of sweets is a must, regardless of the occasion.

Whether it is to celebrate an occasion or just a normal visit, the culture demands that a pack of sweets has to be taken.

Cosmetics as Gifts

Products that enhance beauty have been a global gift since the discovery of cosmetics. Not only that, on occasions like baby showers and weddings, it is quite common to gift products like lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc (especially in the Asian culture).

Gifting cosmetics

Accessories as a Gift

When we think about a present for a lady, the first thing that comes to our mind is jewellery or bags. Accessories will always be a safe choice because no matter whether it is pearls or rubies if you present a woman with a nice set of jewellery, there is no way she will not like it.

In the same way, accessories for men are also available. Things like watches and cufflinks are the most popular gifts for men these days.

Perfumes are more like an easy pick when it comes to accessories. A pleasant-smelling perfume can never go wrong as a gift.

When in Doubt Buy Some Clothes

With all the fascinating brands and new-age fashion bringing style to life, buying clothes as gifts is something that will be evergreen, and it fits perfectly with any occasion. On Christmas, you can give some lovely Christmas sweaters; someone’s graduating? No problem, just give them a suit.

Your daughter’s high school dance is coming up? Just buy her that dress she has been dreaming about. Clothes are something that will never go out of style and will always be a classic choice of gifts (along with a good pair of shoes).

Kitchen Utensils

Want to welcome your new neighbours and can’t think of a good housewarming gift or are you going to visit some newlyweds? There is nothing more useful than buying them kitchen utensils.

Yes, it may sound a little awkward but in such a situation, they will be thanking you and praising you for your choice of gifts because the one item people need the most when moving into a new house is kitchen utensils as it is not always possible to carry the old ones along.

You can either buy a nice vintage inspired spoon set or some sparkling wine glasses, it will be a great gift and people will use them forever, and hence this gift will be in the trend until time ends.

kitchen utensils

Travelling Gift Packs

Now that travelling has become a worldwide hobby for many people. Travelling gift packs have caught on to the gifting trends, and it does not look like they will be saying goodbye soon. So if you have a friend or a family member that spontaneously goes out on a secret trip now and then, you can present them with travel-friendly items as gifts.

To make your loved one’s travelling experience more comfortable you can gift items like backpacks, passport holders, maps, hanging accessory holders, and miniature travel-friendly cosmetics.

Newly Trending Digital Gifts

Change is inevitable and as we get consumed in this wave of technology our choices and people’s preferences of gifts have become digitized too. Starting from children, everyone demands either new phones, laptops, gaming PCs, Xbox or PlayStation, and many other such electronic devices.

As technology is something that will keep improving with time, releasing new gadgets, this gifting trend is also going to stay for a very long period.

Giving People Books

Reading is a great way to gain knowledge which is the world’s greatest of gifts. The smell of fresh pages that linger in the air just hits a book reader differently. Books can be given on any occasion and at any time.

Books also come in many categories to choose from which is quite convenient as a gift. As knowledge will continue to exist for endless time, books will also remain in our life, and it is a bonus for you if the person you are gifting is a book collector, there is nothing he or she would love more than a good old book.

The Fat finger by Greg Coonen

The Fat Finger by Greg Coonen – A must-read financial thriller

What is the Purpose of Giving Gifts?

Many people may not find any meaning in gifting for every small occasion or celebration because they fail to grasp the true essence hidden behind giving a gift. We always forget the most important yet incognito reason for giving someone a gift.

When we buy a gift for someone, it is not because we are trying to follow culture or tradition, it is to show that we truly appreciate their presence in our lives and that we genuinely wish them well from the core of our hearts. Sometimes a gift could be a wonderfully written letter and that would reflect appreciation more than an iPhone.

However there it is a common mistake to think that if a gift is more valuable and expensive, it shows or expresses a person’s appreciation more. No matter how big or small the item, or how expensive or cheap the gift is, it is the thought and intention behind giving the gift that counts. Some people can be happy with a handmade card while others fret over a Mercedes-Benz.

Make a Person Smile by Giving Them Gifts

Giving gifts will not only make the person happy, but the emotion will also reflect upon you too, and that is healthy for your heart and brain. That is probably why it has been followed as a tradition these days.

While it may be a tough job to decide on what to gift a person, don’t let the anxiety of choosing the perfect gift make you go empty-handed. Even the smallest of efforts makes a big difference.

So buy a gift today and spread some joy!

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