Invasion Toys Exclusive ‘Invasion of 9 Eyes’ by Daytoner x PureArts


Bearers of the emerald green, Invasion Toys is about to launch their very own exclusive edition of the Master 9 Eyes vinyl art toy from Daytoner x PureArts. The Invasion of 9 Eyes proudly reps the retailer’s signature green with white and matte gray details + accents. Each of the bulky yet agile robotic swordsman’s six swords feature matching green blades.

While this might be just a bit nerdy to mention, Invasion of 9 Eyes would seem to be the first branded M9E retailer exclusive. Previous exclusives have either been straight colorways or artist editions. Once fairly common, perhaps even standard, exclusives bearing the store’s name or logo are surprisingly rare now.

An edition of just 64, the Invasion of 9 Eyes vinyl art toy (6″) drops on Monday (3.15) at 9PM PST exclusively from Invasion Toys with a special launch price of $86 through Sunday, March 21. The pricing resets to the regular retail of $105 starting on Monday, March 22. For full details be sure to check out Invasion’s announcement over on their blog.

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